No hail,
No fail,
No death,
It s squeak from FIRE...

تگرگی نیست،
مرگی نیست،
صدایی گرشنیدی...
فریاد است، از درون آتش سوزان...
خاکستر، خاکستر، خاکستر

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Who is wise? & what is the wisdom?

Hijabless people are not muslim

Each group has many laws and orders. And has model to teach about kind of performance. (Model teaches how to do laws.) And if one of the members not performs the laws like the model, they oust him/her.
 But before ejection they are warning and caution to him/her.
If continue to disobey > ejection!
-         Like traffic laws. Disobey traffic laws means void your driving license.

Religious laws are also like other groups.
If disobey, so you won t be members of religion.
So people that not perform and disobey the Hijab law of islam, are not muslim. 
This reason is logical for all groups.

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