No hail,
No fail,
No death,
It s squeak from FIRE...

تگرگی نیست،
مرگی نیست،
صدایی گرشنیدی...
فریاد است، از درون آتش سوزان...
خاکستر، خاکستر، خاکستر

Before begin to read...

If you want to read this blog you should read carefully this page.
This page is about scientific thought.
Who is wise? & what is the wisdom?

What is superior? – sentiment or logic

Have you ever thought;
Why are you living?
What is life?
What is love?
What is thought?
Where is logic in your life?
Is there any logic in your life?
What do you think about sentiment?
Love come from sentiment Or logic?!

Why you do s.thing? What s your goal to do sth? (For example; study, marriage, breathing, living & …)
-         If you don t have goal and cause about your doing or not have any reason, you are vanity. Your life will be inaction.

But some unwise people are saying sentiment!
They don t have cause about their life so they repeat just sentiment.
They go in love without any reason and information and always say sentiment makes it and sentiment doesn t have reason. (They make mistake about love > they are mania!)

They don t have cause and reason about their belief.
They believe in God without reason & also they become atheist without reason.
Theists sense thr s God & atheists sense thr s no God.
Both groups insist about their belief. > Without ANY reason.

Love is a logical!
To reach love, you must have information about that. Whether God or someone or something.

For example;
Why do you like Real Madrid FC?
You can answer; because they play tactically and players have high technique.
(However I write about it because I like it base on those reasons!)
And about every thing; major or job.
Why do you like physics?
Because phys. is the best science can explain about nature.
And you can make example to prove why sth is favorite for you.

So every thing must have reason otherwise that will be unwise.
> According to Scientific thought.


People become theosophist for thousands years in this way!

1. Want.
2. Love.
3. Theosophy.
4. Needless.
5. Monotheist.
6. Marvel.
7. Doom.

I ask just short questions.
First I want then love that one that I wanted !
I love in what Or who?
Wht s love?
I want to …?! What I want OR who I want?
After this unknown steps I must get in theosophy! I must know who?
Increase information and study about what?
I become needless from what? And why I must become needless?
Monotheist ?! I must worship just One that I don t know what is One, Who is one?
One means number Or …!?
Then marvel. Exactly I marvel about all steps before this that I didn t understand anything from them!
Then doom… perdition to what? Doom for who?

----- But study levels in this way;
1.      We must WANT
2.      WANT to increase our information. Know universe, nature and then understand is there god ? to know him more. So we must know him base on nature as himself said in his book.
3.      In this step we might be surprised. Or will marvel, maybe. Because of greatness of nature. Harmony, beauty and …
(But after we understand logically about existence of god, then we must not become marvel because we know his power, his infinity knowledge & …)
4.      Then we can love God. Not love base on sentiment rather base on Wisdom, Science, logic.
5.      After completely know him we get that he is the greatest, So we become needless from people because we know he can do everything and we are with him.
6.      Greatest , the most powerful, and creator make us to believe all thing in the universe come from ONE power so we can know monotheist. (There s only one God.)
7.      One god means everything for one and everything are depend on him and also ourselves. It is stage of Perdition (doom).

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