No hail,
No fail,
No death,
It s squeak from FIRE...

تگرگی نیست،
مرگی نیست،
صدایی گرشنیدی...
فریاد است، از درون آتش سوزان...
خاکستر، خاکستر، خاکستر

Before begin to read...

If you want to read this blog you should read carefully this page.
This page is about scientific thought.
Who is wise? & what is the wisdom?

What is Philosophy

The word  "Philosophy" means knowledge Or wisdom lover. (Greek)
In the ancient time in Greece "Scientist " were named philosopher that their behavior were based on knowledge and argument and their life were depended on science.
That time was not enough special part of study for nature. So Doctors, Astronomers, Geologist, Biologist and etc. were called philosopher. Everyone who wanted to explore and discover mystery and secret of nature, was named philosopher and because philosophers were wanted reason & argument for each performance, behavior, belief and … some unwise people became against & opposition. These opposite people that named themselves "Theosophist" and were said we are lover and amorous, so we don't need argument for our behavior and belief, and reason not necessity, then they named philosopher as "Sophist", who wants unnecessary reason for everything.
So in during of history philosophers got trend of Naturalism and then Materialism too dogmatic and theosophist catch trend of unknown concept that were called it "God" without any reason Or discussion about his existence.
In this way someone made two kind of theosophy; Inner Theosophy & Rational Theosophy.
And philosophers in another way had involved in matter But it s better to say they had involved in themselves. In other hand we can say that they had isolated themselves and without and observation, were tried to know universe.  
So the definition of philosophy changed from Science of nature to absolute rational subject.

(And in this way both philosophy & theosophy become together and same, Because they do unknown! Love - Rational)

After a while subscription of all philosophers became "No Science". 
As result that they forgot The Nature as same criterion, philosopher in their isolate of thought tried to explore universe without increasing information and any observation.
They had been deprived themselves about nature So their information decreased & had to make own info ! (Imagine instead of Logic)
From this level personal opinion get into results and conclusions. These different opinion converted to ISM and ism used as suffix for name of who established the special(personal) opinion.

That’s because philosophy is not science & also basis of science.

Since if define philosophy as science, we will have incoherence and problem with definition of science.
Science is study of nature.
Philosophy is thinking in absolute rational way.Sometimes psychic, sometimes fancy!

And if define as basis of science, will have problem again.
Base of science is thinking about nature, not thinking fancy and imagine.

SO philosophy is noT science and noT basis, and exactly it s not valuable for ScientificThought.
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