No hail,
No fail,
No death,
It s squeak from FIRE...

تگرگی نیست،
مرگی نیست،
صدایی گرشنیدی...
فریاد است، از درون آتش سوزان...
خاکستر، خاکستر، خاکستر

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This page is about scientific thought.
Who is wise? & what is the wisdom?

Is there any vacuum

To understand that is there any vacuum or not, we must get information about coordinates of vacuum. And getting information has process.
-         For example;
If we want to know, which kind of element placed in which coordinates. We must send (dispatch) some waves & get info according to effects of element on waves. Or we can do that by receiving the rising waves from element. (Like spectrograph)

About vacuum if we want to get information;
First, It is impossible. Because vacuum = null. (Empty coordinates) and get info from null is meaningless. (Because there is nothing, even info.)
And vacuum has been destroyed. Because dispatching every kind of waves, will destroyed the vacuum. Waves have unlimited effects. (Waves function)
So supposing the vacuum (in exact mean) is wrong.
These were about exact meaning of vacuum.

In physics vacuum (in exact mean) is not accepted. Phys. Accepts that there s no vacuum100%. (like zero friction. Indeed we can say in vacuum > friction = 0)
Concepts of Vacuum fluctuation (that discuss about creation from nothing) do not talk about vacuum actually.
Energy (strings of energy), waves, elementary particle are swinging.
In physics vacuum means no matter. (like proton or neutron)
-         For example the spaces between electrons & protons are vacuum. But there is lots of waves and photons & of course Information. 
In vacuum, elementary particles do swinging. And they do transferring info and receive.

So null and empty (vacuum) in exact meaning is impossible.
And place of vacuum is meaningless. Empty coordinates is also meaningless. Because there is Information.
Because of these creation from nothing is meaningless.
-         using word, from, means there is something. 

(According to measuring and information theory, particle physics, Quantum vacuum, vacuum fluctuation & etc.)

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